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My Biography 

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I am a muralist and I work in marketing as a graphic designer and social media coordinator. I am bilingual with English/Mexican dual nationality and studied in the US and the Japanese school in Mexico City. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Salisbury University, with a major in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Painting and a minor in Marketing Management. 

My designs embrace my Mexican culture in which color is very important and I have been highly influenced by its strong geometric designs.

My work has evolved to be heavily centered on patterns that attract the attention of the viewer and encourage them to further engage with the piece. Massively line based, my art incorporates simple doodles in different mediums in fine arts and graphics.

I have exhibited my photography and oil paintings and created indoor and outdoor murals throughout Mexico and the U.S. My hobby is screen-printing clothing and handbags that have sold well in both Mexico and the US. 

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